The MWL 120  Real-Time-Laue-Backscattering-camera system.

The heart of the equipment is a 30 x 30 cm-wide multi-wire proportional chamber with X-ray shutter and a set of 4 interchangeable collimators of different diameter.
It comes with the measuring electronics, joystick-controlled 3-axis goniometer and x-z translation unit for positioning the sample in the X-ray beam. Also included are the Multiwire gas distribution system, a Pentium PC with Digital Interface and  the North Star V
7.0 software to index the Laue-images.


The MWL 120 possesses real time capability in taking the Laue pattern. This  makes the orientation of single crystals or the test for grain boundaries in materials with more than one single crystal grain an easy task also for not so experienced users.


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           You may also wish to download a flyer            explaining the MWL 120 system and the            North Star 7.0 orientation software in

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Laue picture of a sapphire crystal with trigonal symmetry. For demonstration the image was inverted using the North Star Software so that it becomes more comparable with Polaroid photographs.  For this system, 4-Miller indices were used. The image was captured with 10 sec exposure time .

Real-time MWL 120 camera system with 30 cm x 30 cm large proportional chamber at the Crystal Laboratory of Technical University Munich, Germany

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