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Last changed    07.08.2019

New Developments for the MWL 120 Real Time Laue Camera System: 


To further increase the value and comfort to work with the MWL 120 system there have been mayor improvements of the hard- and software recently, which we want to bring to your knowledge: 


Optical camera is now included in the Northstar software from MWL


The optical camera system to position the samples in the beam is now included in the Northstar software and does not require another program to display the optical image. 


























The optical camera is a very useful tool to position the sample without having to work on an open X-ray beam with fluorescence paddles. This contributes a lot to radiation security. 


Readout capability of the JT stage



In the newest version of the J-T stage the position of the sample can be displayed, measured and set from inside the Northstar software. In this way the orientation at every position of a multigrain sample can be measured and orientation maps can be produced.













MWL 701 B J-T stage with readout capability























The new J-T stages 701 B will all be with these readout capabilities.

For the older stages 701 and 701 A a kit to upgrade and include a readout capability is available.

The old motor driver control box MWL 731 and the joystick need to be replaced with a newer version MWL 732.














New motor driver MWL 732. This motor driver has also

a switch to change from the 3-axis goniometer to the bond barrel device without unpluging of the 3-axis goniometer.


Left: the new version of the joystick control.

Readout capability of the 3-axis goniometer


The new version of the 3-axis goniometer MWL 706 can be read out and displayed in the current version of the Northstar software.

























The new readout capable 3-axis goniometer on the TU Munich reference system on an old MWL 701 J-T stage, which was upgraded to have readout capability.




The range of movement for the MWL 706  is increased to -90° to +135 ° for the x-movement and to -35° - +95° for the y movement when compared to the older MWL 705 3-axis goniometer.
































Control and display window for the new 3-axis goniometer MWL706 in the Northstar program.

The angles can now be set also from the Northstar program or like before by the joystick control.  It requires the new motor driver control MWL 732