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These accessories  for the Multiwire Equipment can be ordered separately : 

When working with highly fluorescent samples like Nickel based superalloys or with  crystals containing considerable amounts of elements like  Fe, Mn, or W, the use of a filter reducing the fluorescent backscattered radiation can be very helpful to obtain many  Laue reflections.  By using a filter one can also work at higher acceleration voltages to obtain a wider spectrum for the x rays.

Textfeld: Second grain on nickel based super alloy turbine blade. A feature in the North Star software allows to calculate the misorientation angle of the 2 different grains.

Single crystal of La1.85Sr0.15CuO4 at arbitrary orientation using a filter .

25 kV 25 mA, 20 sec exposure

Fluorescence filter and mirror collimator on the MWL 110 detector.

Pyrite FeS2 single crystal measured with the fluorescence  filter at 25 KV 25 mA 30 sec.

One obtains lots of Laue reflections.

Nickel based superalloy measured with the fluorescence  filter at 25 KV 25 mA 30 sec.


Just 2 more examples for the use of fluorescence filters :

Textfeld: Screenshot of a nickel based super alloy turbine blade The retractable mirror allows the exact positioning of the 
X-ray beam, detection of grain boundaries  and the and the determination of the orientation of individual grains.

Nickel based super alloys are important materials in high temperature applications such as

Turbine blades used in airplanes or power generation turbines.


The MWL 120 real-time Laue camera system is an ideal tool for the detection of grain boundaries and to measure the misorientation of individual grains.

When working with heavy samples we recommend the use of the MWL 703/704 barrel holder and automated, joy stick controlled motorized  orientation base as shown left with a casting sample.

After orientation the barrel can conveniently be transferred to a wire saw or spark erosion machine for cutting 

The MWL 701 jack and translation stage can lift up to 50 kg.

The units are operated by the MWL 731 6-axis motor driver

Also visible is the fluorescence filter used for these kind of samples.

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