Our company is focused on the upgrading  of existing back-scattering Laue cameras, which previously worked with Polaroid film to systems with  multi-wire detectors from Multiwire Laboratories Ltd. Ithaca, NY 14850 USA.  We, however, also project and install complete new systems using this technology.

This service includes the installation and adjustment of Multwire components with European standards and your individual existing equipment as well as the organization of the import, including insurance, handling of customs formalities in order to avoid customs costs for academic institutions, calibration of the Multiwire equipment as well as training and instruction of  the personnel in handling the system and the extensive software package from Multiwire.

We will not sell you what you do not need!

So, in particular, no components that you already have and you can reuse.
We will try to upgrade your system and find the cheapest solution.


Here we benefit on our long-standing collaboration with leading X-ray furnishers. 

Our Services

Through detailed knowledge of both the Multiwire system as well as the Laue camera systems widespread  in Europe we can already safe much money for the customer in advance. We have no interest to sell you as much as possible, but in a satisfied customer, for which an customized solution has been found.
Based on the operating system with you, we develop the concept of rebuilding your system to the Multiwire technology. If necessary,
complete the X-ray components, construct a new radiation enclosure, x-ray table and provide a housing for containing the electronics and motor control.


Projecting the conversion

The usual European Laue systems must be adapted to the geometry and American standards. VariousMWL  components need to be revised to adapt to European standards.

Do not expect a metric screw or metric measurements on the MWL system !

The camera system will be adapted to  meet European radiation regulations.


We handle the complete processing of the import, air freight, insurance of equipment, including freight forwarders of the customs paperwork to avoid customs costs for academic institutions.
MWL provides usually FOB (Ex works). Our Service makes delivery DDU (free). It saves you a lot of work and frustration,
if you pass this task to someone with experience and proven partner firms.

Handling of airtransport, import and customs clearance, insurance , ground transportation in Europe

After delivery of the components we will  convert your old Laue-facility to the Multiwire technology.
We emphasize that the main user / device manager is present
for this installation , so that the maximum amount of knowledge transfer can take place. There are some tricks and bits that are conveyed.
The adjustment
and calibration is one of the essential services to achieve a maximum of accuracy with the new equipment.

Much importance is also
be given to an attractive appearance of the new equipment.


Installation and adjustment

To get out the maximum benefit from your new facility, it is fundamentally important to get to know the new equipment.

happily use a lot of time with the future users or the operating personnel on the system.
Apart from a basic training after installation, we offer you also another visit to
a deeper introduction to the user after a few weeks, when users are getting used to the system.

The maximum benefits of the
equipment an extensive software of Multiwire you will have after some intense preoccupation with the system.

Briefing  and teaching of main users/ students on  the system

Adjustment of  the components to European standards

After sale service / Consulting / Troubleshooting

We feel responsible for our installations and installed equipment and want you to have the outmost profit from your new equipment.

 In case of problems in orientation or need for advice in your crystal orientation and  sample preparation requirements we are happy to help you.  We also have a long experience with  cutting and polishing devices  suitable to work with the MWL equipment and will consult you to your needs.

Located in the middle of Europe  and close to the Munich airport we are able to respond fast, also in the unlikely event of a problem with the equipment. For fast response on problems we hold  a stock of spare parts in Germany.

Laue–Camera GmbH

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European and African sales and installation for Multiwire Laboratories Ltd.,

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Dr. Andreas Erb

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